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Odin was founded in 1978 and has been in business over forty years.  It's sheet metal fabrication facility is located just west of Chicago in Elburn Illinois.  At it’s very base level Odin specializes in custom sheet metal fabrication, but we pride ourselves in being so much more.  We aim to be your one-stop shop for everything involved in the process of fabrication.  When you begin a project with us, we start assisting you immediately with design, and continue with skilled advice and guidance through the prototype phase and quantity production.  Towards completion we offer a variety of finishing options and our quality control measures analyze the production from conception until it is shipped out to you.  

To provide that extra level of service we hold close tolerances in an assortment of materials. Finishing options include both wet and powder coating.  For a different look, we are also experts in several choices for plating and even anodizing.  Not every sheet metal fabrication facility provides these extra services.  We do it because we care about our customers and strive to bring you everything you need for your finished product.

One of our main focuses is maintaining excellent standards in customer service.  As a service-oriented company, we know it takes more than professional expertise.  Our goal is to be a resource that you can turn to with all your questions and concerns.  Our innovative design assistance is a specialty that sets us apart from other companies, and our employees take pride in being an important part of your production process.  Often times our involvement in your project from such an early point leads directly to a more cost-effective product in the end.  Our outstanding precision accuracy in complex assemblies and on-time deliveries are just two more of several aspects that bring our employees great pride in providing the best services available.  

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