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For over forty years, Odin Fabrication has provided quality sheet metal fabrication with an emphasis on customer service.  By focusing specifically on the needs of customers, we have created a long list of satisfied clients that continually turns to us for future needs.

From conception to final production, we are there to work with you on every step to ensure solutions that are both timely and cost effective. 

Design Assist

Odin takes pride in our innovative design assistance for custom sheet metal fabrication.  Allow us to help in the design phase of your product, to ensure a smooth production and fabrication process. 


Our direct involvement provides both time and monetary savings by letting us help you design a superior product.  


When it comes to our approach to custom sheet metal fabrication, your bottom line is important to us, and we take every stride possible to improve your production costs and efficiency.


For each production process in advanced sheet metal fabrication, Odin tailors to your specific needs. We work closely with you to determine your exact needs prior to production design.

Production is offered in a variety of materials. Questions of use, durability, and safety come into play during the design process and help us guide you towards the best material.  The metals we use include aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, and both hot and cold rolled steel. You may even elect to manufacture in polycarbonate or other plastics.


Odin aims to be your one-stop shop and your ultimate sheet metal fabrication choice. To help you reach the point of completion without turning elsewhere, we offer several options in finishing.

We offer capabilities to meet painting specifications with both wet and powder coating paints as well as silk screening.

Some products require a little more than just paint, therefore we can also provide plating options.  We can plate in black oxide, zinc, electro polishing, passivating.  ROHS compliance available as well.

Quality Control

 Each step of the process from conception to completion is heavily scrutinized at every turn.

Each order, print, or document is checked for the latest revisions and then validated for finishing specifications.  The materials we receive are all closely inspected for tolerance and any possible damage. We continually check for tolerance throughout each step of the manufacturing process. 


Prior to shipping, a final evaluation is done and nothing gets shipped out unless it meets our highest standards.

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